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This is The Web Design Webinar & my name is CJ Hallock

Inside of the webinar I’m going to cover one of the biggest mistakes people make when starting or marketing a business online & yes I’ve done it myself.

Then we will get to why we are here. The how to for website design. From Registering Our Domain through launching a professional website.

We will continue with “Extended Education Modules” that includes Social Media, Branding, Podcasting, & a lot more!

Here’s why you would want to attend the webinar, even if it wasn’t free…

Which It Is!

Reason Number One… Money. Specifically, YOUR MONEY, … Look, I know you work hard for your money & every penny matters when you are starting out. So let’s get that one question out the way

How Much Does A Website Cost?

I can’t speak for your local designer but I can tell you what costs are associated with having a website regardless if you hire a designer or do it yourself.

I am going to somewhat rush through each of the different items but we’ll cover the total cost in a bit.

Cool? Let’s Go!

First thing’s first, your domain. This is the .com address for your website. You can get a dot com registered privately for about $12.

The next thing you need is security and that is your SSL Certificate. A good certificate will run you about $40 a year.

After that is your Hosting & Malware Protection. This will run about $20 a month.

The last thing that you will need is a page builder. This will assist in making the process easier without having to know code. This is $50 per year.

So the total cost for starting a website today will be about $120

If you hire a designer, you could be looking at about $2,000 for the website that we are going to build in this webinar & that leads me to reason number two … Your Time.

I know time is money and that is why I’ve put the webinar together with 100% action based steps.

Before you watch the webinar we will cover everything that you need before we start. Then inside of the webinar we will register our domain build and design our new website.

After the webinar you can move forward with extended education modules, templates & other resources.

That’s not all, but like I said … time is money!

So sign up for the webinar today to get access to

  • the complete step by step webinar
  • the support group on facebook
  • and weekly updates on new trainings & other goodies.


So let’s do some math …

The cost of starting a website is only $120 & if you break that down daily for a month, that’s a coffee.

So you can grab that second coffee or you can have a professional website and a marketing strategy with the know-how to execute it.

Let’s be honest, $4 isn’t going to change your life. We both know that. But the work we do together can change your brand forever.

Click the button below and get started today.

You’ll discover how to build a professional website and move forward with the latest cutting edge marketing strategies and tactics before your competitors know what hit them.

Plus, you’ll be able to connect with myself and others who have taken the webinar inside of our support group.

Please accept my offer and take the webinar today

Remember, the webinar is 100% free and you are under no obligations.

No credit card or membership is needed to access the training.

The webinar is “On Demand” so you can follow the webinar and pause when you need to so you can complete each step at your own pace.

Some other goodies you’ll have access to are..

Photoshop templates for social media platforms like your profile picture, facebook cover photos, youtube thumbnails, you can also download the free printables, worksheets and a lot more.

Attend the webinar today! Click the button below & I’ll see you inside..

What are you waiting for? Seriously, just click the button and you can be up and running before you know it.

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